Manuscript Review Process

Initial Evaluation: When a manuscript is received in the office of the Journal of Allied Health, it is sent to two or three reviewers who are either members of the Editorial Board or Peer Reviewers. With a one-month turnaround time to complete the review, they can suggest one of four categories:

1) Publish as is,

2) Publish with minor revisions,

3) Publish with major revisions, or

4) Do not publish

Revisions and Editing:
If there is a disagreement, the Editor makes the decision as to whether the review should continue. If the decision puts the manuscript in the publishable category, the reviewers’ comments are sent to the author for revision. Authors also are given a one-month turnaround time to make revisions.

The revised manuscript is returned to the same reviewers, along with all critiques of the manuscript. Again, they are given a one-month turnaround time for further review.

This process is continued until a final decision is made as to whether or not to publish the manuscript. Once accepted, it is placed in the queue for publication.

Overall Timeline:
The average time from submission to acceptance is approximately six months. Usually, those manuscripts that are accepted first are published first. In some cases, however, a manuscript may move ahead at a faster pace if it fits with a specific theme of an issue of the Journal. Since each issue must be sent to the publisher three months prior to publication, the minimum time from submission to publication would be five months. This event, however, is exceedingly rare. A more likely scenario is eight months to one year.