Treasurer – Kevin Rudeen

Kevin Rudeen, PhD

Board - K. RudeenDean

College of Allied Health Sciences
The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

I have stated on many occasions that I regard ASAHP as ‘the premiere organization’ for colleges of allied health in the United States to which every health professions college should belong. As such, I have demonstrated my commitment through my actions and dedication to this organization.

Completing my 2nd term as a Director, I’ve had the privilege of working with a similarly dedicated group of individuals to enhance this organization and established goals to promote continuity and assure growth of ASAHP and value to all members. Three activities have been most meaningful to me: First is my longstanding involvement in the leadership development program. The role of renewing leadership for the association continues with enthusiasm and promise. Second is my involvement in the development and implementation of our strategic map, which empowers each member in establishing priorities, setting goals and implementing actions to assure future value. Third, I have made a commitment with other Board members to support, in kind and contribution, the AH PAC. This organization will bring to bear the collective voice of ASAHP to be heard among the lawmakers who impact all of our professions.

These and other initiatives that have occurred in the past six years of my board tenure could only be accomplished with careful stewardship of the association’s finances. The treasurer, as a member of the finance committee, brings forth for review, discussion and approval the budgets, balance sheets, business plans, and investments as part of the organization’s financial management. The treasurer holds the fiscal responsibility of the association, a role I will take seriously if elected to be treasurer. It is a role of trust I hope I have earned in my tenure with the association, and will value as dedicated to the future advancement for the benefit of all members.

ASAHP Activities:

  1. Co-Leader and Leader, Coordinating Committee for the
    ASAHP Leadership Development Program (2006 – Present)
  2. Chairman, ASAHP Research Committee (2001-2002)
  3. Member, Nominations & Election Committee (2002-2005)
  4. Chairman, Annual Conference Concurrent Sessions (multiple occasions)
  5. Member, Annual Conference Planning Committee Member (2011)
  6. Board Member (Two terms: 2008-2014)

Other relevant experience

  1. Board Member, Allied Health Research Institute – AHRI (Current)
  2. Chair, AHRI Research Committee
  3. Member, ASAHP Health Policy Committee