Treasurer – Barry Eckert

Barry S. Eckert, PhD

Board - B. EckertDean

School of Health Professions
Long Island University

I have been an allied health dean at three institutions over the past 18 years.  I have actively participated in ASAHP over that time as the organization has grown and responded to the changing environment of health care.  My two terms on the Board of Directors have given me the opportunity to help guide ASAHP as an essential organization for allied health and health professions education, research and, ultimately, practice.  The Board of Directors experience has also given me the opportunity to continue to learn about the changing environment of health care.  I am enthusiastic about the new ASHAP Strategic Plan, and the opportunity I had to play a role in its development.  The new plan provides a roadmap for the organization to take on new roles as a leader in health professions education and practice.  New national focus upon patient centered health care, a primary stimulus of Interprofessional Education, is an opportunity for ASAHP to be a leader in health education by virtue of the interprofessional nature of allied health.  Other strategic ASAHP initiatives focused upon innovation, advocacy, partnership building and growth will further strengthen the overall stature of the organization.  All of this relies upon strong leadership from the board, which includes skilled financial management by the treasurer.  I am confident that my two terms on the Board of Directors, including three years on the Finance Committee, as well as two years on the CAAHEP Finance Committee, have prepared me to provide the necessary financial skills to serve as your Treasurer.

ASAHP Activities:

  1. Board of Directors, (Two terms)
  2. Board Finance Committee, (Three years)
  3. Member and Board Liaison, Accreditation Committee
  4. Member and Board Liaison, Education Committee
  5. ASAHP Fellow

Other relevant experience

  1. Board of Directors, Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)
  2. Member, CAAHEP Finance Committee