Nominations & Elections Committee – Craig Jackson

Craig R. Jackson, JD

Board - C. JacksonDean

School of Allied Health Professions
Loma Linda University

I have been dean for over 12 years and a member of ASAHP since the beginning; my first meeting was in 2003 in Toronto.  I was welcomed with open arms after succeeding Dr. Joyce Hopp, a charter member of ASAHP and a significant contributing member.  I have followed in her footsteps as contributing and participating in ASAHP at every opportunity.  My aspirations for us are to make a difference in the educational experience and preparation and to inform others of the significant contributions we make to health care; that within the changes in the delivery of health care we have a place and will play a significant role.

In order to realize these aspirations we will need visionary leaders—just as we have had in the past and are presently enjoying—who can lead and contribute to the development of our organization.  I would be honored to be a part of the committee tasked with that responsibility.

ASAHP Activities:

  1. Member, Government and Legislative Committee
  2. Member, Ad Hoc Marketing Task Force