Nominations & Elections Committee – Bethany Krom

Bethany Krom, PhD

Board - B. Krom

Assistant Dean/Administrator

Mayo School of Health Sciences
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Mayo Clinic

The Mayo School of Health Sciences supports allied health education including multiple levels and types of education for 60 professions and >1,700 students/year.

I have been an active member of ASAHP since 2005.

My aspirations for ASAHP are to have a strong organization that supports the complex conglomeration of education programs for allied health professions.  Seeking strong leadership to support the organization is a key role to ensure a strong future.

ASAHP Activities:

  1. Co-Aauthor, 19 Abstracts for Presentations or Posters (past ASAHP Annual Conferences)
  2. Participant, ASAHP Leadership Development Program (2007)
  3. Member, Nominations & Elections Committee (2008-2010)
  4. Member, Clinical Rotations Task Force (2011 – Present)

Other Related Activities:

  1. Assistant Dean/Administrator, Mayo School of Health Sciences: (2004 – Present)
  2. Advisory Committee Member, University of Minnesota –  Bachelor of Science in Health Care Professions Advisory Committee: (2011 – Present)
  3. Board Member and Current Vice President, Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center (2012 – present)
  4. 21st Century Workforce Development Models: A Minnesota Germany Dialogue: (2014)