Dale Scalise-Smith, Ph.D.

Dale Scalise-Smith, Ph.D.

Dale Scalise-Smith, Ph.D.


Current Position:

Dean & Professor, College of Health Professions
Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights, KY 41099


I have had the privilege of serving as Dean of Health Professions at two institutions.  During my first tenure as dean, I was selected to participate in the ASAHP Leadership Institute and learned firsthand the role the organization plays in advancing research, interprofessional education, advocacy for the health professions, legislative and health policy activities.  ASAHP leaders provided me with an outstanding support system and inspired me to bring the goals and vision of ASAHP back to the allied health faculty at my institution.  This led to several faculty attending and eventually presenting their research at ASAHP conferences. My recent appointment as Dean of the College of Health Professions at Northern Kentucky University, naturally led me back to the ASAHP. One of my first actions was to secure funding for an institutional membership.  Moving forward, I am encouraging faculty to explore opportunities for participation in ASAHP and anticipate supporting faculty at the 2016 Annual conference. If elected, I would be pleased to serve on the Nominations & Elections Committee and welcome the opportunity to serve ASAHP and it members.

ASAHP Activities:

Activity I: Leadership Institute (2009).

Other relevant experience:

Experience I: International Organization of Physical Therapists in Pediatrics – Executive Board and Program Chair.

Experience II: Section on Pediatrics – Program Committee Chair.

Experience III: APTA – Section on Pediatrics, Bud DeHaven Award Selection Committee

Experience IV: S American Physical Therapy Association Commitee on Capters and Sections

Experience V: III STEP International Conference Committee