Board – Andrew Balas

Andrew Balas, PhD

Board - A. BalasDean

College of Allied Health Sciences
Georgia Regents University

As allied health college dean for over 10 years, I have had the privilege of working with truly outstanding health professionals and serving their progress. Together with colleagues, we launched numerous educational programs, graduate and undergraduate. We have increased student enrollment and multiplied externally funded research. Besides having an allied health degree in health informatics, the diversity of challenges and the great need for our graduates keep me energized and excited every day.

Our health care system and the role of allied health professionals are at a turning point. ASAHP has a particular opportunity and also responsibility. If elected, I would like to work on realizing our mission to improve health through excellence in education, interprofessional collaboration, leadership, research, and advocacy.

Promoting innovation, interprofessional collaboration and development of new alliances are three particular priorities that I would like to emphasize. The talent of our organization has produced significant leadership on health professional education, provided advocacy on many national issues, and organized a variety of excellent educational programs. Listening to members of our association and being responsive to their ideas should lay the foundation. My vision for ASAHP is to become the undisputed lead health professional organization known for positions and policies that are in the best interest of students and patients, above all other considerations.

ASAHP Activities:

  1. Treasurer, Southern Deans Association
  2. Board Member, Allied Health Research Institute
  3. Chair, AHRI Research Committee
  4. Panel Chair, Allied Health Research (2009)
  5. Conference Chair, AHRI – Norfolk VA (2008)

Other relevant experience

  1. Serving as Dean of Allied Health College, More than 10 years (since 2004)
  2. Vice President, Friends of the NIH National Library of Medicine, Washington, DC, Organized National Conferences and Other Programs
  3. Elected Member, American College of Medical Informatics
  4. Founding Director, Center for Health Care Quality, University of Missouri
  5. IOM Congressional Fellow, Worked for the Public Health and Safety Subcommittee of the United States Senate