Committees and Task Forces

Outside of a select number of standing committees, ASAHP committees have been transitioned to subcommittees under the following five Strategic Areas.
A complete, current list of ASAHP Strategic Areas, their subcommittees, and ASAHP Standing Committees can be found below.

Standing Committees

Nominations & Elections Committee
Teri Stumbo
Andrew Butler, Mitchell Cordova, Pat Chute, Craig Jackson, Cesarina Thompson, Carolyn Giordano

Bylaws and Policies & Procedures Committee
Chair: Rick Talbott

Resolutions Committee

Finance Committee


Board Liaison:
Barry Eckert
Chair IPE/IPP: 
Stacy Gropack
Leslie Portney, Anthony Brietbach, Fred Romano, Halcyon Hill, Gwen Mahon, Paula Rhyner
Chair Research: 
Chris Ingersoll
Michelle Basso, John Ferraro, Anthony Kincaid

Innovation and New Services Development
Board Liaison: Peggy Valentine
Chair: Ken Johnson
Leadership Program: Sharon Stewart (chair)
Members: Phyllis King, David Shelledy, Andrew Butler, Chris Bradberry, Peggy Valentine

Board Liaison: Shelly Mishoe

Chair: Donna Fry
Members: Andrew Butler, David Demo, Nancy Devine, Jane Walsh

Alliances and Partnerships
Board Liaison: Barbara Wallace
Chair: Don Simpson
Global Needs Health Professionals Task Force Members: Don Simpson (co-chair), Rich Oliver (co-chair), Lea Brant, Celia Hooper, Gwen Mahon, Kevin Rudeen, Dave Shelledy, Brian Shulman, Teri Stumbo, Barbara Wallace
Clinical Education Task Force: Julie O’Sullivan Maillet (chair)
 Jacque Sample (ASAHP Graduate Fellow), Barbara Romig, Christopher O’Brien, Pat Chute, Tracy Farnsworth, Bob (Robert) McLaughlin, Roy Anderson, Troy Tynsky, Yas Samonian, Marcie Weinstein, Barbara Wallace

Marketing and Growth
Board Liaison: Brian Shulman
Co-Chairs: Pat Chute & Sue Cashin
Members: Matthew Adeyanju, Linda Seestedt-Stanford, Penelope Moyers, David Henzi, Clotilde Dudley Smith, Randy Leite

– No Subcommittees